Thursday, March 10, 2016

Second phase of Tree plantation of NED Society.
Second phase of Tree Plantation has been started by NED Society to aware the people about polluted atmosphere of the City and convince them to clean their environment for their up coming generation and save their city. In this connection Hon'ble Secretary Services and General Administration Balochistan Mr. Bilal Ahmed Jamali, Deputy Secretary (Judicial) Noor Hussain Baloch, Vice President BSSA Ghaffar Lehri, General Secretary BSSA Noor Ali Kakar, Sardar Eid Mohammad Kakar, Aslam Roshan and General Secretary NED Society Mohammad Arshad Kasi planted tree in the premises of Civil Secretariat Balochistan Quetta as an awareness massage for the people.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

First phase of tree plantation 2015. Organized by NED SOCIETY.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

NED Society School Project.

NED Society School Project which thought to be the core need of the society where the children could be trained for future and enable them capable enough to face the challenges of new era . For the core purpose new techniques were applied healthy atmosphere were developed to achieved the desired goals and provide that much capable students who can be useful for the development of country and society. Thanks to Almighty Allah who provided us that much strength that we achieved our desired goals and now the students of this school are studying in different best institutes of province on their own talent and proved that they are enough capable to face the tough and tough entry test for admission in the best institutions of Province. 


 NED Society aims to provide best atmosphere for learning to every one.
 New students are encouraging before the admission that they will become familiar with class.
 Students are listening lecture specially prepared for them.
Students are busy in reading activity.
 Teacher is busy to transfer knowledge through communicative skill.
 One of the most necessary activity "reading" is being in process inside the class.
 Computer Classes opportunity is provided to school students that they become familiar with I.T.
 Female students are encouraging to come forward and show their talent.
 Healthy atmosphere are provided to the students for learning.
 Students are awarded trophies and shields taking positions in annual examination.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

NED Society Tree Plantation 2014

Muhammad Waseem Pakistan Boxing Team Captin is planting tree on behalf of NED Society.

 Volunters of NED Society are planting trees near Murdar Mountain.
 NED Socidety's 2014 trees plantation movement.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nadir Khan Kasi Educational and Development Society. NED Society (Reg)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Nadir Khan Kasi Educational and Development Society (NEDS) has been registered with Social Welfare partment in the year 2003. The establishment of (NEDS) was dream which came into reality though the main aim was to set a plate form where quality education transfer to youth in an afforable and easy way.
Keeping in view a School was established in the same year and students admitted without any discrimination as well as every eyar ten (10) poor students get Scholoarship but also provided books, uniform and other necessary items to them.

Along with such activities (NEDS) has been working for the Evnironment , Child Labour and AIDS though pursuing all these activities, making them more effective a plate form has been set by the name of Leopard Academy where different faculties have been included such as English Language Programe, Computer Courses, Tuition and Fine Arts Classes.

The Fine Arts exhibition organized by (NEDS) wereh artists paricpated from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. The exhibition contuned for two weeks inaugurated by Mr. Rehmat Ali Baloch (EX-Elected member Balochistan Provincial Assembly) and the Chief Guest for closing ceremony was Mr. Raheem Kakar (EX-City Nazim).

Several debate constensts have been organized by (NEDS) that the 
students/participants enhace their skills and transfer their knoweldge and views about current and burning issues to the audience. This experiment increased the inner skills of participants infront of audience nodabout their remarkable abilities and performance got appericiation from viewers. 

During the year 2006-2007 many trees have been planted in the vicinity and also in the main grave yard of the city (Kasi Graveyard) the community was mobilized and a co-venture of the groups planted all these trees which will definatly shade over the people and bhelpful for the clean environment. Many poor and needy people wished quality education for their children but couldn’t afford (NEDS) has fulfilled their dreams. During six years (6) more then 12 hundred poor sutdents have been facilitated with uptodate and modern technology learning (Computer, English Language, Tuition, Fine Arts) without any fee.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Friends of Nadir Khan Kasi Educational & Development Society in Karachi.

NED Society made friends who agreed to try their level best to clean the Sea View area how much possible according to their strength. This is the first light in the dark that these youngsters agreed to work for the beauty of beach and remove the waste from the beach also make campaign not to spread garbage on Sea view instead of this they must be aware  people  to use dustbin laying near the road.

Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) trying their level best to remove waste from the Sea View and beach that visitors can not feel bad due to unclean beach. The staff of CBC are duty full and never leave a stone unturned their effort had been appreciated by NED Society, the second session of Saving Marine Life program of NED Society put result full impact on the people who visit Sea view and we are lucky enough to delivered our massage. Social Activist, NGOs, Civil Societies must appreciated the efforts of CBC and DHA who are providing that much facilities to our people providing clean and healthy environment and a beautiful view to those people who suffered from load shading, strikes, mobile snatching and other domestic problems will forget their every burden and take a fresh breath in fresh environment. 

 Taking part in an annual beach clean-up is one way to keep the oceans healthy for generations to come. In the past 25 years, over 144,606,491 pounds of trash has been collected from beaches world-wide from Alaska to New Zealand. Beach-clean-ups is considered to be very important because throwing trash into beaches, and the oceans can be better known as pollution. When trash gets into the oceans, animals can easily mistaken that trash for a certain food source. An example of this is with the sea turtles. When a turtle sees a plastic bag floating around in the ocean, the animal might mistaken it for a jellyfish before swallowing it as a whole. The plastic bag may prevent the turtle from eating, thus, cause it to slowly starve itself to death. Trash-induced marine pollution has been a subject of a number of wildlife documentaries for years; each and everyone of these segments which talked about marine pollution, has brought a huge light among the public to start taking action to help make their beaches healthier and safe for all marine wildlife. While many coastal towns have taken action to require city dumps to collect trash from beaches and relocate to dumps that are away from beaches, the pollution sadly, still continues. By taking part in these annual beach clean-ups, you are leaving a great example to others on how to reduce marine debris in the seas and allowing wildlife to remain safe from pollution.

Cleaning beaches is not only an issue in Pakistan also European and American countries are suffering from this issue, but they are always try their level best to make clean their beaches for the purpose they arrange seminars, collect founds and prepared volunteers to take part to save marine life and their beaches.

Lets hope that our people will also take part, give their time and make our beaches free of waste and garbage and make campaign for the awareness of people to stop spreading waste on Sea View and beaches for the sake of clean environment, natural beauty and marine life.

A Public Service Massage from Nadir Khan Kasi Educational & Development Society. NEDS (Reg:)