Thursday, December 30, 2010

Computer Traning Project

With Joint venture NED Society and Al Nadir Informatics had arranged a computer training program for the needy student with collaboration of Provincial Zakat Department. All the training expenses had  borne by NED Society after the assurance of Provincial Zakat Department that every student will be facilitated after the completion of training in the shape of Rs:7000/- and the same amount will paid to each student among 74 enrolled student. The training had completed successfully now the NED Society waiting for the reward of students, the fund had been released by Federal Zakat Department now Provincial Zakat Department in a ceremony the same amount will deliver to all 74 students who had completed their training at Al Nadir Informatics. NED Society paid tribute to the Executive and other members of Al Nadir Informatics who contributed and participated their shares in this noble case, my Allah give them more strength to contribute their shares in the development their society.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Justice trhough Lawyer

To provide speedy justice see NED Society's Gender Justice Project

Al Nadir Informatics

View NED Society's New Project.
Volunteers of NED Society planting trees at Kasi Graveyard that people can take rest under their shadow
Volunteers are planting trees in Kasi Graveyard that people can take rest under the shadow of these trees
Students participation in Fine Arts Exhibition. 
                                           Judges are judging participants in debate contest.
                                          NED Society's Volunteers are planting trees at Kasi Graveyard
Members of NED Society's with Rahim Kakar
Students of NED Society English Medium School Project
Guests are served by the Members of NED Society
English Debate Contest 2007, arranged by NED Society

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NED Society

Nadir Khan Kasi Educational & Development Society (NED Society) Reg: is working since 1999 at Balochistan level to serve humanity specially in Education, Health Facilities, Pure Drinking Water, Women Empowerment, Child Labour and Environment. The aim of NED Society is to educate every citizen of Province and provide them basic needs at their door step.