Monday, April 29, 2013

Friends of Nadir Khan Kasi Educational & Development Society in Karachi.

NED Society made friends who agreed to try their level best to clean the Sea View area how much possible according to their strength. This is the first light in the dark that these youngsters agreed to work for the beauty of beach and remove the waste from the beach also make campaign not to spread garbage on Sea view instead of this they must be aware  people  to use dustbin laying near the road.

Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) trying their level best to remove waste from the Sea View and beach that visitors can not feel bad due to unclean beach. The staff of CBC are duty full and never leave a stone unturned their effort had been appreciated by NED Society, the second session of Saving Marine Life program of NED Society put result full impact on the people who visit Sea view and we are lucky enough to delivered our massage. Social Activist, NGOs, Civil Societies must appreciated the efforts of CBC and DHA who are providing that much facilities to our people providing clean and healthy environment and a beautiful view to those people who suffered from load shading, strikes, mobile snatching and other domestic problems will forget their every burden and take a fresh breath in fresh environment. 

 Taking part in an annual beach clean-up is one way to keep the oceans healthy for generations to come. In the past 25 years, over 144,606,491 pounds of trash has been collected from beaches world-wide from Alaska to New Zealand. Beach-clean-ups is considered to be very important because throwing trash into beaches, and the oceans can be better known as pollution. When trash gets into the oceans, animals can easily mistaken that trash for a certain food source. An example of this is with the sea turtles. When a turtle sees a plastic bag floating around in the ocean, the animal might mistaken it for a jellyfish before swallowing it as a whole. The plastic bag may prevent the turtle from eating, thus, cause it to slowly starve itself to death. Trash-induced marine pollution has been a subject of a number of wildlife documentaries for years; each and everyone of these segments which talked about marine pollution, has brought a huge light among the public to start taking action to help make their beaches healthier and safe for all marine wildlife. While many coastal towns have taken action to require city dumps to collect trash from beaches and relocate to dumps that are away from beaches, the pollution sadly, still continues. By taking part in these annual beach clean-ups, you are leaving a great example to others on how to reduce marine debris in the seas and allowing wildlife to remain safe from pollution.

Cleaning beaches is not only an issue in Pakistan also European and American countries are suffering from this issue, but they are always try their level best to make clean their beaches for the purpose they arrange seminars, collect founds and prepared volunteers to take part to save marine life and their beaches.

Lets hope that our people will also take part, give their time and make our beaches free of waste and garbage and make campaign for the awareness of people to stop spreading waste on Sea View and beaches for the sake of clean environment, natural beauty and marine life.

A Public Service Massage from Nadir Khan Kasi Educational & Development Society. NEDS (Reg:)   

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