Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NED Society Boxing Training Camp

NED Society had arranged a 2 weeks boxing training camp at Youth Club Quetta. the main purpose was to train boxers with latest and up-to-date technique according to international rules. more then 200 boxers were participated in this program and completed their training. Chief coach Mr. Atta Muhammad Kakar told the fighting techniques to players and Mr. Arshad Kasi National Champion in Boxing took visiting classes to thought scientific physical training to prepare these boxers for international events. Chairman NED Society Advocate Nasir Kasi visited the training camp and satisfied with the training he addressed the trainees to participate in program regularly to facilitate themselves with these new techniques and make their selves able to win national and international titles. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Together Party

A get together was arrange among the members and volunteers of NED Society on 1-5-2011 at the highest place of Quetta City on Eastern bypass. A lot of members attended the party, the main purpose of this party was to bring close the members and volunteers of NED Society to share their view and thoughts and prepare themselves for the future to serve humanity and second angle was to make efforts for clean environment to plant fresh plaints in mountains for the reservation of water.
Mir. Manan Lehri, Aminullah Kakar, Razaq Baloch, Asif Baloch, Turab Khan, Muhammad Arshad Kasi, Waqar Ahmed, Ijaz Khan, Haroon Durrani, Khalid Durrani, Jamel-ur-Rehman, Munawar Khan Kasi, Khan Daulat Khan Badayzai, Samad Khan, Mir Ahmed.

 Observing clean atmosphere and its effects near the surroundings of Quetta City.
During Lunch Break all the members are gathered.

Friday, February 25, 2011

On 19-02-2001 an award ceremony has been arranged by Nadir Khan Kasi Educational and Development Society to distribute Certificates and Cash amount to students who completed their Computer Training Course at Al Nadir Informatics with collaboration of Provincial Zakat Department. Noor Ahmed Pirkani I.G Prisons, Haji Atta Muhammad Kakar President Balochistan Secretariat Officers Association, Irfan Sirpara President Balochistan Secretariat Staff Association, Qasim Kakar BSSA General Secretary, Haji Shah Muhammad Achakzai Senior Vice President BSSA, Habat Kahn Marri Junior Joint Secretary BSSA, Baba Sports Atta Muhammad Kakar, Salam Achakzai Additional Deputy Commissioner Pishin, Razaq Baloch Computer Programmer Police Department, Javeed Baloch District Zakat Officer Quetta, Manan Kakar District Quetta Zakat Chairman and many other notables had attended this program.  

Respected Guests distributed certificates and scholarship amount among the candidates who completed their course successfully. The audience had appreciated this program and payed tribute to NED Society introducing such kind of program. Advocate Nasir Khan Kasi had distributed 9th Nadir Khan Kasi Excellence award among the selected candidates. 

First Award had awarded to Mr. Noor Ahmed Pirkani I.G Prisons in account of his struggle in life and serving humanity in many areas of Balochistan. Second award had awarded to Haji Atta Muhammad Kakar in account of his struggle for the betterment of government employees and their children now for the rights of Officers of Province. Third Award has awarded to Irfan Sirpara in account of his hunger strike for the rights of employees and still struggling for the rights of dispersed fellows. Forth Award has awarded to Qasim Kakar General Secretary BSSA in account of helping coworker of Balochistan Civil Secretariat in many issues. Fifth award had awarded to Baba-e-Sports Atta Muhammad Kakar in account of his struggle for the players of different games and conducting Balochistan Mini Olympic Games 8 time in Balochistan. Sixth award had awarded to Javeed Baloch District Zakat Officer in account of helping deserving people and providing them assistance from Zakat Department. Seventh award has awarded to Asmatullah Kakar who is twice gold medalist in his academic carrier and now working as lecturer at University Law College Quetta and distributing knowledge among the students. Eight award had awarded to Razaq Baloch in account of his non-stop struggle in his life and on his hard work and dedication towards his positive thinking and helping fellows and country man. Ninth award has awarded to Salam Achakzai in account of his success in life and hard work, belonging to a backward area he proved his ability and now in a position where he can help and assist needy people.     

Monday, February 14, 2011

NED Society Achievement Awards and Students Certificat Distribution.

NED Society annually Achievement Awards will distribute on 19-2-2011. This is announced by the General Secretary NED Society Muhammad Arshad Kasi. Kasi said that NED Society with collaboration of Provincial Zakat Department completed two months Computer training courses now the award money and certificates will distribute among the candidates in the ceremony. The venue will Children academy decided by the members of society. The members also decide that the people among us who did marvelous work in their field must be awarded Awards to give them tribute which will they deserve.