Saturday, October 25, 2014

NED Society School Project.

NED Society School Project which thought to be the core need of the society where the children could be trained for future and enable them capable enough to face the challenges of new era . For the core purpose new techniques were applied healthy atmosphere were developed to achieved the desired goals and provide that much capable students who can be useful for the development of country and society. Thanks to Almighty Allah who provided us that much strength that we achieved our desired goals and now the students of this school are studying in different best institutes of province on their own talent and proved that they are enough capable to face the tough and tough entry test for admission in the best institutions of Province. 


 NED Society aims to provide best atmosphere for learning to every one.
 New students are encouraging before the admission that they will become familiar with class.
 Students are listening lecture specially prepared for them.
Students are busy in reading activity.
 Teacher is busy to transfer knowledge through communicative skill.
 One of the most necessary activity "reading" is being in process inside the class.
 Computer Classes opportunity is provided to school students that they become familiar with I.T.
 Female students are encouraging to come forward and show their talent.
 Healthy atmosphere are provided to the students for learning.
 Students are awarded trophies and shields taking positions in annual examination.

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